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This is us. After each name, we indicate the room (02. indicates 2nd floor; at Staudtstr. 7, Erlangen, building B3), and the telephone extension. Dial 09131-85-extension from within Germany or +49-9131-85-extension from abroad. The email adress is always

Click on the pictures to go to the respective home pages (if available).

Group leaders

FlorianMarquardt.png Florian Marquardt (Prof. Dr.) - 02.786, 28461; since August 1st: full-time director at MPL, part-time at university; see Homepage Florian Marquardt (with CV)
Ericsmall.jpg Eric Lutz (Prof. Dr.) - 02.772, 28459; see Homepage Eric Lutz
Passbild.png Paul-Gerhard Reinhard (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c., emeritus) - 02.782, 28460;


Claudia.jpg Claudia Schlechte - 02.783, 28462; see Homepage Claudia Schlechte

Marquardt group

  • New Marquardt group (theory division) website at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. The Marquardt group entries on the present website will be discontinued (effective August 2017), except for the teaching part of the website.

Click on the photo of a person to open their homepage

DefaultHead.png Oleg Yevtushenko (Dr.) - Senior Researcher - 02.782; Homepage Oleg Yevtushenko
Andrea Aiello.jpg Andrea Aiello (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - 02.782; Homepage Andrea Aiello
SilviaKusminskiy.jpg Silvia Viola Kusminskiy (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - 02.773, 20793; Homepage Silvia Viola Kusminskiy
CNBforMgroup.jpg Carlos Navarrete-Benlloch (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - 02.773, 20793; Homepage Carlos Navarrete-Benlloch
SRaeisi.jpg Sadegh Raeisi (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - 02.782; Homepage Sadegh Raeisi
Swalter.png Stefan Walter (Dr., M.A.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - 02.771, 28458; Homepage Stefan Walter
Brendel.jpg Christian Brendel (M.Sc.hon.) - 02.773, 20793; Homepage Christian Brendel
RolandLauter 2.jpg Roland Lauter (Dipl.-Phys.) - 02.771, 28458; Homepage Roland Lauter
TalithaWeiss.jpg Talitha Weiß (M.Sc.) - now at MPL; Homepage Talitha Weiss

Lutz group

Click on the photo of a person to open their homepage

JoseAlonso2.JPG Jose J Alonso C PhD student - 02.773, ; Homepage Jose Alonso
AlexanderFriedenberger.jpg Alexander Friedenberger PhD student - 02.771, 28458; Homepage Alexander Friedenberger
TobiasDenzler.jpg Tobias Denzler PhD student - 02.773, 20793 Homepage Tobias Denzler
Michael.Konopik.jpg Michael Konopik PhD student - 02.773, 20793;Homepage MichaelKonopik

Alumni Lutz group

Abah.jpg Obinna Abah Postdoc - 01.587
DefaultHead.png Undine Schellhorn Master student - 01.588, 28457

Reinhard group

DefaultHead.png Philipp Wopperer (Dipl.-Phys.) - 01.589, 28457
Bildgz n.jpg Günter Zwicknagel (Prof. Dr.) - 00.504, 28813 [homepage]

Alumni Marquardt group

These are the hard-working, talented physicists who have made our research possible in the past.

MichaelSchmidt TheoII.jpg Michael Schmidt (Dr., M. Sc. hon.); Michael defended his thesis on "Optomechanical arrays and multimode systems", on June 11, 2015; starting May 2016, he joined the consulting company McKinsey in Munich; Download Michael's thesis.
VittorioPeano.png Vittorio Peano (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - since September 2016 Lecturer at the University of Malta; Old Erlangen Group Homepage Vittorio Peano
DefaultHead.png Thales Figueiredo Roque (M.Sc.) visiting PhD student from Brazil (University of Campinas); visit during 2014 to 2015.
AK Pic.jpg Andreas Kronwald (Dr., M.Sc.hon.); Andreas defended his thesis on "Nonlinear quantum effects and squeezing in cavity optomechanics", on April 17, 2015; In August 2015 he joined the consulting company B&W Deloitte in Cologne; Old Erlangen Group Homepage Andreas Kronwald
StefanKessler.png Stefan Kessler (Dr., Dipl.-Phys.); Stefan defended his thesis on quantum many-body dynamics of ultracold atoms in optical lattices, on April 15, 2014. Since the spring of 2015 he works at the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation; Old Erlangen Group Homepage Stefan Kessler
DengZhijiao.png Deng Zhijiao (Ms.) (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - visited Dec 2012 to July 2014, now back as a lecturer at China National University of Defense Technology
Steven2.jpg Steven Habraken (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - since July 2014 working as a Resident in medical physics at Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Rotterdam - Department of Radiation Oncology
Koppany.jpg Koppany Kormoczi (M.Sc.) - 02.773, 20793
OliverViehmann2.png Oliver Viehmann (Dipl.-Phys.; Dr.); Oliver defended his thesis on multi-qubit circuit quantum electrodynamics (co-supervised with Jan von Delft) at the LMU Munich, on September 3, 2013; Old Erlangen Group Homepage Oliver Viehmann - since beginning of 2014 work as a consultant
MaxLudwig.png Max Ludwig (Dipl.-Phys., Dr.); Max defended his thesis on quantum optomechanics, on February 7, 2013; At the end of October 2013, he joined the consulting company Boston Consulting Group in Munich; Download the PhD thesis at: PhD thesis Ludwig at University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg. Old Erlangen Group Homepage Max Ludwig
CNeuenhahn3.png Clemens Neuenhahn (Dipl.-Phys., Dr.); Clemens defended his thesis on nonequilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body systems, on December 5, 2012. Since the fall of 2013 he is with the consulting company Roland Berger in Berlin; Old Erlangen Group Homepage Clemens Neuenhahn
BjoernKubala.png Björn Kubala (postdoc, Dr., Dipl.-Phys.); Björn moved to the University of Ulm end of 2011
GeorgHeinrich.png Georg Heinrich (Dr., Dipl.-Phys.) - PhD October 2011: "Nanomechanics interacting with light: Dynamics of coupled multimode optomechanical systems". Email. Download the PhD thesis at: PhD thesis Heinrich at University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg; Georg moved to a position with Boston Consulting Group in Hamburg after his PhD.
FerdinandHelmer.png Ferdinand Helmer (Dr., Dipl.-Phys., MSc) - PhD July 2009: "Quantum information processing and measurement in circuit quantum electrodynamics" - now with Dr. Neuburger & Partner. Email: Download the PhD thesis at: PhD thesis Helmer at University Library Munich.
DefaultHead.png Benjamin Abel (Dr., Dipl.-Phys.) - PhD February 2009: "Macroscopic superposition states and decoherence by quantum telegraph noise" - Email: Send an email to Florian Marquardt to obtain a PDF copy of the thesis.

Alumni Reinhard group (partial list)

DefaultHead.png Jochen Erler (Dr.) - graduated in 2010
DefaultHead.png Bernhard Faber (Dr.) - graduated in 2011

Former Visitors

Images.jpeg Fabian Heidrich-Meisner (Prof. Dr., visiting professor, winter term 2012/13)
WilsonRae.png Ignacio Wilson-Rae (Prof. Dr., visiting professor, winter term 2011/12) - teaching Theoretical Quantum Optics; for other information see my homepage at TU Munich
HWu.png Huaizhi Wu (long term visiting student, September 2009 - February 2011; returned to Fuzhou University, China)