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The Marquardt group has moved to the Max Planck Institute, the Lutz group has moved to Stuttgart.

  • New Marquardt group (theory division) website at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. The Marquardt group entries on the present website will be discontinued (effective August 2017), except for the teaching part of the website.

Old Material

ResearchButton.png Research - Read more about our research in topics at the intersection of nanophysics and quantum optics: Nanomechanics and optomechanics, decoherence, quantum electrodynamics in superconducting circuits, and others OpenPositions.png Open positions - Join us
PublicationsButton.png Publications Marquardt group - Quick access to the publications of the Marquardt group, with PDF download and journal links PublicationsButton.png Publications Lutz group - Quick access to the publications of the Lutz group, with PDF download and journal links
PublicationsButton.png Publications Reinhard group - List of publications for the group of Prof. Reinhard (em.) NewButtonTeaching.png Teaching - Lectures, sometimes with lecture notes
NewButtonPeople.png People - Read more about us (rooms, telephone numbers, home pages, ...) NewButtonLinks.png Links - Useful links to university pages, journals, etc.
NewButtonSeminars.png Seminars - Our seminar on nanophysics and quantum optics, plus links to other seminars NewButtonMisc.png Miscellaneous - Gallery of group events, Historical overviews, random musings on various topics, simulation pictures, ...
NewButtonLocation.png Location - How to find us at the University of Erlangen ModernePhysikButton.png Moderne Physik am Samstagmorgen - Vorträge für Schülerinnen, Schüler und interessierte Laien am Physikdepartment in Erlangen (in German)

This is the official web site of the Institute for Theoretical Physics II at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. It consists of the groups of Prof. Paul-Gerhard Reinhard (now emeritus), Prof. Eric Lutz and Prof. Florian Marquardt. See: About this web site / Impressum.