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Our coordinates


We are located in Erlangen, Germany, near Nuremberg in Bavaria. The university of Erlangen-Nuremberg is the second largest university in Bavaria.

Click on the map to the left to open GoogleMaps, centered at our institute. Zoom out to get the larger context. (Map of Germany based on [1], published under the GNU Free Documentation License)

Our address is Staudtstrasse 7 in Erlangen, at the university's south campus, bus stop "Sebaldussiedlung" (see below for instructions). We are in the physics building B3, on the first and second floors (01 and 02). Look for the signs that say "Theorie II" or "Theoretische Physik II".

Attention: The Marquardt group has recently moved to the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light! The Marquardt group is now located at the new Max Planck Institute building, Staudtstrasse 2 in Erlangen. Please make yourself known to the reception in the lobby - our group is located at the second floor of this building. For details on how to find the Max Planck Institute have a look on this website [2].

Please have a look at the Links page for links to the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg websites.

How to reach us

By train

Nuremberg is very well connected by high-speed trains (ICE), e.g. it takes just one hour from Munich. From Nuremberg, one usually takes half an hour ride on a slower regional train to Erlangen, although some high-speed connections also stop at Erlangen. See www.bahn.de.

Exit at railway station "Erlangen". Go out of the main railway station and take the bus, either line 287 or 293, direction "Sebaldussiedlung". They run every 10 minutes or so, and you can pay directly in cash to the driver (currently EUR 2.00 one-way). After about 20 minutes, exit at the last stop, "Sebaldussiedlung". Walk along the small pathway, past the genetics building with its fancy orange LED artwork. After that, you reach the green physics/biology building. Go to building section B3 (in the second block, to the left from where you come). The secretary's office and the main offices are on the highest floor, where it says "Institut für Theoretische Physik II".

If you choose to take a taxi from the main railway station, the driver will have to go south on Karl Schumacher Strasse, and then take a right turn into Staudtstrasse, just where the big grass area ends and the wood starts. There are some signs directing you to physics and biology. Again, look for building block B3.

By plane

The closest airport is the airport of Nuremberg. From there you can

  • take a taxi. It takes less than 30 minutes to get here (charges of about 30 €). See the preceding description for where to direct the cab driver (Erlangen, Staudtstrasse, "Universität Südgelände").
  • go by bus. Take the bus to "Thon" (bus line 32). Change in "Thon" to the bus to "Erlangen Hugenottenplatz" (line 30 or 30 E). Exit at "Erlangen Süd". Then turn right (as viewed from where the bus came from), and go along the path amid the trees (do not cross the bridge). You will have to walk along the Egerlandstraße, and then turn left when it hits the Erwin-Rommel-Straße. On the right side of the Erwin- Rommel-Straße, near the bus station "Sebaldussiedlung", sorrounded by trees, you will find the biology and physics institutes. To go by bus takes up to 60 minutes all in all. You will have to buy a ticket for 4 zones (charge of about 3,70 Euro), directly from the driver.

Another option is to fly to Munich, which has much better worldwide direct connections. However, to get from Munich airport to Munich main railway station (via S-Bahn train), and from there by train via Nuremberg to Erlangen and the campus will take almost 3 hours, all in all.

By car

There are two highways around Erlangen - A3 (Würzburg-München), A73 (Nürnberg – Bamberg).

  • Highway A3: Leave the highway at "Erlangen-Tennenlohe" in direction Erlangen (Bundesstraße B4). Exit B4 at "Gräfenberg / Universität-Südgelände"
  • Highway A73: Leave the highway at "Erlangen-Bruck". Turn right in direction Gräfenberg (Bundesstraße B4). Exit B4 at "Gräfenberg/ Universität- Südgelände"

Now: Follow the signs to "Universität Südgelände". Keep straight on, pass Cauer-Str. and Erwin-Rommel-Straße. Turn left into the Staudtstraße at the traffic light (sign: "Universität Physik / Biologie"). Turn off at the next intersection. Now the parking garage is in front of you and our institute is on your right side.

Erlangen and Nuremberg


From left: The institute at Erlangen university's south campus, Erlangen castle (main university administration; picture from Wikimedia Commons), Erlangen "Bergkirchweih" festival, impressions of Nuremberg


Institute for Theoretical Physics II

Staudtstr. 7

91058 Erlangen


Secretary: Mrs. Claudia Schlechte

Telephone: +49-9131-85-28462

Fax: +49-9131-85-28907

Email: Secretary