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Research Interests

Quantum Thermodynamics

Quantum-to-classical transition

Open quantum systems and decoherence


  • Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of continuously measured quantum systems: a circuit-QED implementation

P.G. Di Stefano, J. J. Alonso, E. Lutz, G. Falci, M. Paternostro, arxiv, 1704.00574 (2017). [1]

  • Thermodynamics along individual trajectories of a quantum bit

M. Naghiloo, D. Tan, P. M. Harrington, J. J. Alonso, E. Lutz, A. Romito, K. W. Murch, arxiv, 1703.05885 (2017). [2]

  • Thermodynamics of Weakly Measured Quantum Systems

Jose Joaquin Alonso, Eric Lutz, and Alessandro Romito, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 080403, (2016).[3]

Arxiv List: [4]

Short CV

Since 2017, Trainee at Corporate Technology, Siemens Erlangen.

Since 2014, Several free courses at coursera.org on Computational Sciences.

Since 2013 , PhD Student, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

2012-2013 Postgraduate Courses, Free University Berlin.

2007-2012 Bachelor (German Diploma equivalent), National University of Colombia.


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