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My recent work has focused on thermalization and non-equilibrium properties of isolated many-body quantum systems, e.g., spinless 1D fermions or the quantum sine-Gordon model.

In recent years, the groundbreaking experimental achievements in systems of cold atoms, inspired the theoretical (re-)investigation of the foundations of statistical physics. In particular, the possibility of experimentally studying equilibration in quantum many-body systems, largely isolated from their surrounding environment, directed the attention again to some of the most fundamental but still only partly resolved puzzles of physics. For instance, given an isolated many-body system with a very large number of components: Does, in general, this system indeed thermalize as a result of an arbitrarily small perturbation (e.g. a residual inter-particle interaction) approaching the thermodynamic limit?

In addition, I am also interested in decoherence and dephasing in open quantum systems.


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Email: clemens.neuenhahn (at) physik.uni-erlangen.de