Heraeus Workshop 2009 on Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime

From Institute for Theoretical Physics II / University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

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This is an archive for the famous 2009 workshop in Bad Honnef near Bonn, sponsored by the Wilhelm-and-Else-Heraeus foundation. Organizers: Markus Aspelmeyer, Tobias Kippenberg, and Florian Marquardt.

  • Group photo


  • The slides provided by the speakers are available. However, due to their total size (150 MB), please request them directly from Florian. This includes slides for the following presentations: Bouwmeester.ppt Heraeus09Photo.JPG Parpia.ppt Tang.pdf Clerk.pdf Lehnert.pdf Rabl.key Tobar.pdf Eisert.pdf Mavalvala.ppt Rabl.ppt Tombesi.ppt Hammerer.pdf Meystre.pdf Rugar.pdf Treutlein.pdf Harris.ppt Milburn.pdf Schnabel.pdf VanDerZant.pdf Heidmann.pdf Painter.pdf StamperKurn.pptx Weig.pdf