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Group hike (July 2015)

Group 2015 start.jpg
Hike 2015 B.jpg
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Group 2015-up.jpg

Group picture (April 2014)

Group 2014.jpg

Group hike (September 2012)

Group hike in the Alps: Two day tour to Naunspitze (1633 m AA) and Pyramidenspitze (1.998 m AA) with overnight accommodation in Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte. (top image from left to right: David Turban, Andreas Kronwald, Stefan Kessler, Oliver Viehmann, Michael Schmidt, Clemens Neuenhahn and Florian Marquardt)

Erlangen Bergkirchweih (June 2012)

At the Erlangen Bergkirchweih beer festival, summer 2012 (from left to right: Michael Schneider, Andreas Kronwald, Michael Schmidt, Stefan Kessler, Max Ludwig, Clemens Neuenhahn)
Same group, but with Florian Marquardt (right)

Georg's PhD defense (October 2011)


Group hike (July 2011)

Near the entrance to the Binghöhle cave in Streitberg, in the "Fränkische Schweiz". From left to right: Björn Kubala, Michael Schmidt, Paul-Gerhard Reinhard, Andreas Kronwald, Benedikt Krüger, Oliver Viehmann

Farewell to Huai-Zhi Wu (February 2011)

ITP II. From left to right: Bernhard Faber, Michael Schmidt, Florian Marquardt, Huai-Zhi Wu, Claudia Schlechte, Benedikt Krüger, Andreas Kronwald
ITP II. From left to right: Benedikt Krüger, Georg Heinrich, Clemens Neuenhahn, Bernhard Faber, Andreas Kronwald, Florian Marquardt, Huai-Zhi Wu, Björn Kubala

Group hiking tour (September 2010)

At the Höllentalangerhütte. From left to right: Jochen Erler, Georg Heinrich, Max Ludwig, Bernhard Faber, Björn Kubala, Paul-Gerhard Reinhard, Oliver Viehmann, Stefan Kessler, Florian Marquardt and Huai-Zhi Wu
View of Zugspitze
View of Zugspitze

Group hiking tour (August 2009)

From left to right: Stefan Kessler, Clemens Neuenhahn, Max Ludwig, and Georg Heinrich. In the background one can see the Alpspitze, which was our goal, although we did not make it to the summit that day thanks to rapidly worsening weather conditions.

Ferdinand's PhD defense (July 2009)

In July 2009. Ferdinand and Anna admiring the "Doktorhut".