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Here are the publications of Prof. Dr. Dr. P.-G. Reinhard et alii in the following categories:


Research topics Reinhard group

Metallic Clusters - Metallic clusters are microscopically small drops of two to a few thousand metal atoms. Such systems lie between the atom and the bulk solid state.

See also the website of the Erlangen-Toulouse collaboration

Atomic Nuclei - In the research areas mentioned so far the atomic nucleus can be treated as a charged point. At higher spatial resolution, below 10-14 m, one has to account for its structure, consisting of interacting protons and neutrons. Quite similar as the metallic clusters the nucleus is a finite many-body system, a drop, whose structure is strongly determined by quantum shell effects and surface forces. Enhanced stability at certain magic proton and/or neutron numbers allows the existence of exotic unstable nuclei which can be produced in reactors or by accelerators. Exotic isotopes of known elements, i.e. extremely neutron- or proton rich nuclei play an important role in the nucleosynthesis in stars. There is also the quest for yet unknown superheavy elements with Z > 112. This allows an improvement of the theories for the structure of the atomic nucleus and its dynamics.